Demonstrating how it is done!

An exhibition at the IQ Congress will showcase 12 Good Practice-examples from the Network IQ


All IQ Good Practice examples that were identified in 2015 and 2016 will be presented in an exhibition as part of the IQ Congress. They will be illustrated using eye-catching roll-up posters and information leaflets for our visitors in both German and English.

The “Good Practice” distinction concretely honours effective flagships from the project work of Network IQ. This includes practical formats, events, concepts and other measures in the field of vocational qualification and integration. Every Good Practice example meets four criteria, in particular: transferable, innovative, sustainable, efficient. The aim of the format is to highlight outstanding approaches so they can be made available for transfer.

Contact persons from MUT IQ and the responsible parties behind the examples on display will be available to answer questions about their concepts, formats and instruments.

The exhibition will be held on floor C, right next to the entrance to the assembly hall at the bcc Berlin Congress Center.

Click here to discover all IQ Good Practice examples in advance.